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       I do remember this picture, we were at Khe Sahn living undergroud and flying our asses off every day. Don,t know if you were involved in that operation or not, but it was a real bitch. The Cav. units were always "Out Front" of everyone else in aviation!!! 2-17 in I-Corps during my tour, 1970-71, was always in the thick of things. Our Troop C were the Condors, commanded by Major Jim Newman, one of the finest CO's I ever served under...Tougher than mule hide and had no fear!!! He lead us thru Hell and back, Especially during the Lam Sahn 719 missions, but if we got in trouble he was there always to get us out. My rank was Captain, and I flew "slicks", UH-1H Hueys. We made the front cover of March 1971 Newsweek and articles inside about us and others. We were a very gung-ho, wild, bullet proof bunch, and our slogan "Patience my Ass, I want to Kill Someone" was followed daily... PS. The cav hats in the picture I got for all of the pilots in C Trp. by sending a request letter to American Hat Co. USA. They sent us some 35 NEW Stetson black hats --no charge!!.........John Loeffler, Condor 42.