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       Rich Neely Bio

       15 Years service.

       Oct 70 to Feb 71 - Ft Polk, LA. Basic and holdover waiting for class.
       Mar 71 to Sep 71 - Ft Wolters, TX. Flight school.
       Oct 71 to Jun 72 - Ft Rucker, AL to finish flight school. OH-6 Transition before I left.
       Jul 72 to Jan 73 - Da Nang and D Trp, 17th Cav.
       Jan 73 to Mar 73 - Four Party Joint Military Commission.
       May 73 to Jun 77 - Ft Bragg, NC. 119th Avn Co, 269th Avn Bn, 18th Abn Corps. Flew UH-1s. Managed to get a CH-47 transition while there.
       Jul 77 to May 80 - Hawaii. A Co 25th Avn Co, 25th Avn Bn, 25th Inf Div. Flew UH-1s again.
       Jun 77 to Dec 80 - Ft Rucker for the Warrant Officer Advanced Course.
       Jan 81 to Jul 84 - Ft Bragg. 196th Avn Co, 269th Avn Bn, 18th Abn Corps. Flew CH-47s
       Jul 84 to Jun 85 - Camp Humphreys, Korea. 213th Avn Co. Flew CH-47s. Instructor Pilot.
       Jul 85 to Jun 86 - Ft Rucker. CH-47 Instructor Pilot at the school.

       I was passed over for promotion to CW4 and released because I didn't have my college degree.

       That is a brief history of my military career.

       Rich Neely
       D Trp, 17th Cav