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       "I arrived at Phu Loi Aug. 69 and was assigned to the Four Horsemen D Troop 1/4 Cav. ( additional duties; Club custodian and personal effects officer, I had to inventory all the belongings of the wounded and KIA) Went to Soc Trang about March of 70 when we changed to C-16 ( and I have a copy of the orders listing all the Officers who made the move ) Came back to the states Aug 70 and assigned to C 1/17 Cav 82nd Abn Div. Released from active Duty Apr 71, joined the NC Guard, served as maintenance officer/ test pilot. NC guard was first guard to get the AH 64 Apache, was full time test pilot with 1/130 Avn Bn. (Apache unit) Grounded due to heart blockage, left the full time job went to NC Emergency Management, but maintained part time Guard membership Still in the Guard, 33 years service CW-5 assigned to State Hq." - "Woody" Mashburn