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       Well, it's been 30 years and lot of stuff is fuzzy with regard to detail but it happens that there was an AH-1G assigned to 11th ACR with the tail number 15122 (comon practice within a unit was to use only the last 3 digits of the whole serial number, in this case, 68-15122) seems likely that "Thunderhorse-Red 122" denotes a "Guns" section (Red, vs "Scouts" or "Slicks", which usually had their own color codes...White usually for Scouts...which is why a Cobra (Guns-Red) and LOH(Scouts-White) operating together made a "Pink" team. Anyway, I can't be sure, but 122 was a Cobra operating with 11th ACR when I was there and it's a pretty good bet that this is the aircraft that the patch "belongs" to. I could have any of a number of connections to a crewmember of this bird, being on the ground...and also, when we were standing down the "Soul Ponies" (Blackhorse Officers' and the EM clubs) were closing fact, we of the armored Cav "came to an understanding" with members of an Officers' club for 165th Avn.(I believe, don't quote me on that) and "captured" the movie theater half of their club if we agreed only to go into the "bar" half of the O-club for as long as it took to get our drinks...then retire 'peacefully' to the theatre side of their club...a little practical fraternization between officers and enlisted. Kept the peace. I remember seeing "Gimme Shelter", "Mephisto Waltz", & "The Omega Man", among others, while waiting for a manifest back to the world and cooling our heels in their club. So...I might have made buddies with some crew of this bird there...I really don't remember...but it's for sure 15122 was in the area in Jan-Feb of '72 so there you are... - Doug Kibbey