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       Principal vehicles of Light Armored Cavalry (traded M-48's for THESE?), M113 ACAV (G-71,top) & M551 Sheridans (G-37 & G-39,bottom). M113 has unofficially designated 'ACAV kit' (Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle) of gunshield/cupola protection for .50cal/tank cmdr. as well as two additional 7.62mm M60 MG's with shields. M551's have several standard & non-standard modifications with cmdr. cupola shields, addition of a .50cal at the loader's hatch of G-37, (cmdr's .50cal & main shield are missing), exhaust stacks extended with artillery munitions container (raises exhaust plume above vehicle & crew in heavy bush), & lots of additional external stowage. Most M551's in my unit had cmdr's turret/firing control handle relocated to upper cupola area for nearly external operation and operated with no one in the gunner's position, or anywhere else INSIDE the vehicle except the driver (it being considered generally preferable to be blown off the vehicle, than blown up/incinerated inside). 'RPG net' (chain link fencing) seen stowed on back deck of G-39 is erected forward of vehicle at NDP's to counter shaped-charge rockets. G-37 has lost all of it's 'swim' gear (side water barriers/front surfboard) to the jungle, G-39's seems to have survived. My vehicle, G-71 ACAV at top is missing the surfboard & track skirts, like most others. 'Mine plate' applique armor is visible under M113 & M551 below the front glacis, for added protection to vehicle & driver...extends about 1/3 vehicle length. Drivers often sandbagged floor/hatch areas for additional protection. These vehicles are assigned to 'G' Troop, 2/11th Cav and are seen operating in Hau Nghia province in early '72. The driver you see in G-37, which has just completed refueling at an NDP, was named Sperry. I remember him most for regaling the entire troop with an unauthorized 3 minute broadcast one night over the 'net doing an impeccable impression of a German Panzer officer where he skewered one of the platoon Lt's.(a West Point grad) for a failure of land navigation on a mission earlier that day ("...Ze Fuerher knows vat you haf' been up to..UNT...if 'zer should be a shall be 'zent to 'ze Russian Front!"). Somehow, he 'evaded' capture by the 'enemy'. The 'unofficial markings' on my M113 ("Medicine Man's Head Shoppe") refer to the fact that the troop medic and his supplies were based on my car (It was nice having ceiling-suspended stretchers to sleep on). "I'm a Drug Store Track Driving Man" is a double-meaning variation of a song from the record-album soundtrack from "Woodstock" performed by a duet of Joan Baez and some other guy (not performed in the film) titled: "I'm a Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man" reflecting the same reference to having the medical supplies on board the 'Drug Store Track'. -Doug Kibbey, cmdr. M113 G-71, 'G' Trp.,2/11th ACR.