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       Jim Hand, "Polack" and I were all together in the hospital for gunshot wounds or crash injuries in late July 71. Polack on 20 July, me 21 July, Hand and Jay Damon on 22 July. Four of us side by side with I.V. drips and a case of the ass. All returned to duty and flew again. Damon was badly wounded in Dec. 71 with hits in foot, ankle, knee, wrist, elbow and shot in the head (through his helmet-in and out!), only a burn mark. His a/c crashed on top of the 2012 sapper bn. NVA who shot him down with a machine gun Powalski was Walton's gunner on 9 Dec.71. They were the downed crew I was trying to retrieve when the aircraft exploded on the ground. I believe I was the last person to see Powalski alive, he was at the right side of the aircraft, lying on his side waving a bloody T shirt. Walton was pinned in the front of the aircraft, dont know if alive or dead. - Joe Eszes