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       I remember this incident well. That had been a hell of a day. We had been working a really nasty part of the U Minh Forrest. Just an hour or so earlier, my gunner and I had found a POW camp. It was an eerie place and then kind of sad since we could see the skinny tree trunks being used as bars and I can still see the backs of the prisoner's hands as they held the "bars" from inside. The trees around the camp must have been 100 to 150 feet tall, really up there. At first there didn't appear to be any cadre. As I was hovering down below the tree tops to get a better look at the place, a guy that may have been an armed guard came around the corner of the elongated building. My Gunner knocked him down with the M60. C&C called us up out of there and said the "backseat" would organize a rescue. I've always wondered what happened to those POWs. Some 27 years later I was told by the guy who gave me this photos (he was the AMC that day), that the ARVNs did go in and free some guys. They were all Vietnamese prisoners. After the POW camp we had stopped for lunch in a S.F. compound at the very Southern tip of V.N.. A place called Nam Can. The Navy had a base there called Sea Float. I was lead scout and I parked my team of 4 on the bank of a canal with the tails hanging out over the water. It rained like hell while we were inside and when we came out my ship and one other had sunk. The other aircraft wasn't in quite so deep and we got it out right away. You can't see the gunner on the other side, but the more we dug, the deeper she sank. I decided I'd just fly her out. That was a little exciting, but it worked.