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       "I have an SKS. Captured it during TET 68 when I was with the SF. There were no capture papers on it. To make a long story short - I took the rifle to Cantho when I was shipping my hold baggage back (a footlocker that I had made by a guy that was at least 150-200 years old)and was told by some leg captain that I couldn't ship the rifle because it was semiautomatic and that I might as well stand it in the corner of his office since I was leaving and couldn't take it. After I told him to kiss my ass I took the SKS back with me to the A Team and was talking to the Seabee Chief about it. He was on the site doing some dirt moving for us. He said his team was getting ready to go back to the states and they had their own aircraft. He said I could ship the stock, he'd take the rifle part, put it under 2500 pounds of canvas and get it as far as Alaska for me and have it kept in storage until I sent for it. When I got back to Fort Bragg, NC I was CO of a basic training company. One day I asked my first sergeant (who had been in five wars and knew EVERYTHING) how I could get the rifle from Alaska since it was illegal to own and obviously, to ship. He said (and I quote) "Simple. File a Form (some number) and as the CO of this company they will send it with no questions asked. But, to be on the safe side , since it's a weapon, have it sent to the Seabee and not to here or to your house." I don't know why he said that and didn't ask but he got me the form and I sent same with instructions to ship it from AK to Chatanogga, TN. The whole operation was slicker than snot on a doorknob and the Seabee called me and I went to TN and got the rifle. It had ben TWO years since I left VN but I got the rifle. End of story." - Judd Clemens