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C Troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment - Page 1

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C troop Sign located outside the Troop Orderly Room
Image courtesy of Jim Newman, Condor 6

Our chapel - "C" Troop went here for memorial services 13 times during the year I commanded the Troop. A small number considering daily enemy contact and Lam Son 719 which we lead, but a tremendous loss. We had a Catholic Chaplain assigned to North Phu Bai Chapel, Father McPartlin, a great guy and tremendous personality, and held his own at the "O" club.
Image courtesy of Jim Newman, Condor 6

C Troop 2/17 Cav
Image courtesy of Jim Newman, Condor 6

Dick Brown
Vietnam Tours
Aero Scout - C troop, 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry
September 1967 - December 1967
Aero Scout - B troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry
February 1968 - February 1969
Image courtesy of Dick Brown

A C Troop Cobra taken at Khe Sahn during Lam Son 719, from Jim Newman, troop comander during the battle.
Image courtesy of Jim Newman via Randy White

A picture of a big rock in my troop area at Phu Bai
Image courtesy of Jim Newman - Condor 6 C troop, 2/17

C troop "Blues" on stand down. Tony Japuntich was the Platoon Sgt and the second from left. He is a retired CW5 now. Charley Cannon, extreme left, was my XO and a good one I might add, And me in the middle with the Bud. Note - In the top photo the white guy between the two black guys, (Williams and Lennon, is Frank Zimmerly, who was killed in Feb, 1983 in a wreck on his way home from work.

Top Left Photo; Lto R: unk, "J", Back of T Shea, Ed Bradley behind Maj. Newman, Watkins, Williams, Zimmerly, & Lennon.

Bottom Photo; L to R: unk, Boller, Roddell, Almador, Taylor (I believe), Lyons (middle back), Bradley, Williams, T. Shea, & Lennon.

Image courtesy of Jim Newman - Condor 6 C troop, 2/17

Update on 16161 previously posted. OH-6 67-16161 as it appeared late Sept.'71 and as it is today. The two lower pictures are the most recent & current as of this writing, May 1, 2002. This is the aircraft in which Cpt. Wilbur Latimer was KIA 71Jan19 while serving with C troop, 2/17th Cav based in Phu Bai. The top photo was taken later that year, shortly after Typhoon Agnes/Supertyphoon Bess (Sept.18-21) struck, which accounts for damage to hangar roof in background. The aircraft is seen delivering a passenger to the 2/17th flight line at Camp Eagle...I can't ID the pilot, but believe the passenger may be Malcolm Lathers. Currently owned by Ronn Walker & Tropical Helicopter based at Leesburg Reg. Airport-Leesburg, FL. (see who shared the lower photos with me for the purpose of this posting.
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey

L to R: Jim Crane (1LT), Doug Brinker (CW2), Larry Nichols In frt (CW2), John Loffler (1LT P), John Stolp (CPT).

Click here to read more about the Stetson hats in this photo
Image courtesy of Jim Newman

Air Cavalry Troop Pilots and other personnel take a break at Khe Sahn before the next mission into Laos during Lam Son 719, January 30 - April 6, 1971
Image courtesy of Jim Newman, Condor 6

Before this flight I told Bobby Joe to come on I would get him a Purple Heart. I had three new pilots that flew with me all of Lam Son and all of them knew we would be in the S _ _ _ before the day was over. Two of the three got a Purple heart - nothing serious and all survived the tour
Image courtesy of Jim Newman, Condor 6

My Huey after I cut trees down to get to two of my shot down cobra pilots in Laos during Lam Son 719, CPT Jim Kane & WO James Casher, before the NVA got to them. I got there first but barely. Had a terrible vibration at 40K's coming home
Image courtesy of Jim Newman, Condor 6

My C & C Huey after Lam Som 719 with functional rocket pods mounted. The FAC and I bet occasionally on marking a target
Image courtesy of Jim Newman, Condor 6

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