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Souvenirs - Lighters

Classic Zippo cigarette lighter with personel markings for a Cobra pilot

R&R souvenirs purchased in Japan. The 1st Cavalry division sleeve patch was probably the most well known of any unit in Vietnam

Souvenir Cigarette lighter. Note the design is the official coat of arms for the Army School of Aviation.

Here is a picture of my old Zippo. The thing to do ... was to go into An Khe and have a local do up your Zippo with your ship. Also added some towns where we had operations.
Image courtesy of Ed Lemp

Image courtesy of Paul Madsen - Gun platoon, 11th ACR

C-16 Cavalry Gun Pilot's classic "Zippo" cigarette lighter

Everyone had a Scripto lighter with the dice in it!
Image courtesy of Paul Howell

Cigarette Lighter carried by USN "Seawolf" pilot. Just one of the many, Asian made, "Knock-Off" copies of the All American "Zippo" cigarette lighter.

My Father's Zippo
Image courtesy of Harold John LeGrand II

I had the Lighter engraved at Soctrang. I was with the 121st AHC at Soctrang in the Delta from Jan. 3, 1968 to July 2nd, 1969. I spent Feb. and March 68 in the hospital in Japan. I stopped a bullet the first day of TET 68 and spent two months in Japan recovering. I was a slick crew chief and gunner.
Image courtesy of Forrest L. Webb

D troop, 10th Cavalry "Shamrock Guns" souvenir lighter brought home by Cobra Crew Chief Charlie Eaves
Image courtesy of Charlie Eaves

Image courtesy of Jeanne Cisne

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