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Then and Now

Before:(FSB Birmingham '71, D Troop, 2/17th Cav), a little After:(Hau Nghia province '72, G Troop, 2/11th ACR), and a LOT After:(Dresden, Germany 2004 Symposium on Autoantibodies)
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey

Composite view of 2/17th Camp Eagle flightline looking SSW in 1971 and, thanks to B Trooper ('Banshees') Kirk Jensen's unrelenting efforts, 2001
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey and Kirk Jensen, 2/17th Cav.

Lt. Larry Brown with his new wife, in country, on their wedding day! Having met at Fort Knox, they were to meet again at the 24th Evac hospital where Carol served as a nurse. She had the unique experience of riding along with Larry's unit on one of the missions that he was forced down on. See the book "Hunter-Killer Squadrons" for more information on this story as well as other experiences Larry acquired as a 3 tour Scout pilot. Larry & Carol - VHPA reunion parade 2000!
Image courtesy of Col. Larry Brown ret.

Then: Taken by gunner Ralph "Rooster" Cogburn somewhere over the Delta in early 1971. Helicopter - Hughes OH6A

Now: Taken by gunner Ralph "Rooster" Cogburn somewhere over Central Florida in early 2002. Helicopter - Eurocopter EC135
Image courtesy of Don Callison

Then: Rooster and I messing around in a captured munitions cache at Cao Lahn in mid 1970.

Now: Rooster spent a week with us before we all went to the reunion in atlanta. I took him for a ride in our aircraft. It was the first time in over 30 years we had flown together. Rick Waite was riding in the back seat that day. He took this photo.

The next evening Rooster and I took turns riding ina Loach we flew in Vietnam. It was great. When my turn came I strapped my wife in the back seat. We had all the doors off and she was scared shitless but it meant a lot to her to have ridden in a helicopter that I had flown in combat.

I was amazed that it took all of about 5 seconds on the controls to be "home" again. Theguy asked me if I realized that I was sitting nearly sideways in the seat. I hadn't thought about it but I had turned to the left at about a 45 degree angle. I explained to him that our Troop made onlyleft hand turns and thatturning in the seattowards the left side of the ship enabled us to see more and be more comfortable. I imagine there was quite a few of us that flew that way without realizing it.
Image courtesy of Don Callison

The picture in Class A's (Ed on Left, Frank on right) was taken at Ft. Benning ( 1965 ) right after the 11th Air Assault became the 1st Cav. Shortly after this picture was taken ... we were sent to RVN. Frank and I became close friends during helicopter maintenance school at Ft. Rucker. We were both assigned to Battery "E" ( Aviation ) 26th Artillery 11th Air Assault ... which became Battery "E" ( Aviation ) 82nd Artillery 1st Cavalry. After we both left the service ... we went our separate ways. In 1971 Frank visited me in Las Vegas, Nv. Frank was on his way to RVN as a civilian rep for Lear Sigler. 1971 was out last contact. We have been looking for each other for years. About three months ago Frank found some of my pictures posted on the internet and sent me an e-mail. Found out Franks was in Arlington, TX. I was fortunate to have company business take me to DFW. It was a tight schedule but Frank met me on arrival at the airport (Frank on left, Ed on right) and we were able to spend about four hours together visiting and reminiscing. Was GREAT." Ed Lemp
Image courtesy of Ed Lemp

Steve Shepard Then & Now - Same Hat!!!!
Image courtesy of Steve Shepard

W/O Paul Madsen, 11th Armored Cavalry Regimet, Air Cavalry troop. In 1969 and now.
Image courtesy of Paul Madsen

Arthur C.Bonevich, PSG E-7 Cav All The Way Scouts Out
1964/65 MACV / 155th AHC Plieku / Ban Me Thout
1966 A-Trp 3/4 Cav Cu Chi
1969/70 C&A-Trp 3/17 Air Cav Di An

Military Service 22 yrs
Germany--Panama--Hawaii--Viet-Nam (3)--Germany
Ft.Hood,TX, St.Albans Naval Hosp.NY, Ft Hamilton,NY, Ft.Eustis,VA

Once You've Have Flown Scouts, What Else Is There!

Image courtesy of Art Bonevich

Curt & Old 795 on the LZ Sally VIP Pad mid 1968. Aviation Section, 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division

Older Curt & Good Old 795 near Atlanta mid 2000 Army Aviation Heritage Foundation. Same guy, same helicopter, same pose, maybe some new parts, but hey....!

Image courtesy of Curt Knapp

Image courtesy of John Hamm, D Trp 1/9th, E Trp. Blues

Here is a photograph of WOCs Eric Bray & Frank Edwards {who were good friends} in advanced flight school (69-37) at HAAF in 1969; the two inserts are of Drs. Eric Bray, MD. & Frank Edwards, MD. {who both became physicians} some 40 years later in 2009!

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