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Souvenirs - End of Tour

OH-6 "Loach" model aircraft hand made by natives and painted with unit markings for C troop, 16th Cav "Outcast" scout platoon
Image courtesy of Jim "Moon" Sheetz

The other side of "Loach" model. Note nicknames of Pilot and observer and the unit insignia.
Image courtesy of Jim "Moon" Sheetz

It ain't Air Cav, but it is 2/11th Cav! ('G' Trp., 2/11th ACR)
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey

A picture of my RVN short-timer stick. Made from a .50 cal round and the primer from a 105 shell. Don't know where it started but when you got near the end of your tour, "short time left in country" (SHORT-TIMER), you made a stick and carried it with you sort of a badge to let others know you were about done with your year in Vietnam.
Image courtesy of Ed Lemp - E btry - 82nd arty 

Image courtesy of John Jones

End of Tour Plaque prsented to an A troop Cobra Pilot

In memorium plaque featuring "High Flight" poem and Army aviator wing. This example was presented to the family of a Cobra Instructor Pilot who lost his life in a training accident at Hunter Field, home to "Cobra Hall"

End of tour plaque for 2/17th Cav...not quite accurate though, as it was nearer the end of their tour than it was of mine, 2/17th was largely withdrawn by mid-Jan.'72 & I transferred down to G Troop, 2/11th ACR
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey

Vietnamese 'Beercan' plaque piece for 114th AHC  Maintenance crews.  Robert was a 'Hanger Rat' for 2 months, before being assigned as CE on the cobra flightline. During Roberts tour, the unit was always short on Co- (peter) pilots. As a result, after a little O.T.J.T. Robert  Stallings flew several missions in the back seat.
Image courtesy of Robert Stallings via John Jones

A Tail Rotar Chain bracelet was the coveted prize of any crew chied if his bird was forced down and recovered

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