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362nd Aviation Company

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362nd Aviation Company
Image courtesy of Carle Dunn

"The actual reason I wrote The Last Hookers is because of five, young men who paid the supreme sacrifice so that people of another nation could live free. I say this in the epilogue and explain some special, personal circumstances surrounding the tragic event." - LTC Carle E. Dunn, USA-Ret.

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Ltc Carle F. Dunn, commanding officer, 362nd Aviation Company
Image courtesy of C. F. Dunn

A 362nd CH-47 on the runway at Bearcat, near Ben Hoa, 1971. This is one of a very few photos showing the 362nd "Fly United" ducks on an aircraft.
Image courtesy of Mike Sloniker

LTC Carle Dunn (right rear with sunglasses),  talking to SSG "Snuffy" Smith (directly to Dunn's front). The person right front in the photo is Executive Officer Jerry Wright, the left front is 1st LT Tobin. The time is late February 1972 at Phu Loi, Northwest of Saigon. We've received orders to be out of Phu Loi and into Long Thanh North within 24 hours. Intel indicated a heavy NVA buildup, across the border in Cambodia near Loch Ninh  / An Loc. We were the only Hook unit remaining in 'Nam and in an exposed position directly in the path of an impending, heavy Spring Invasion of 1972. We moved southeast of Ben Hoa to get as far away from the border as we could and still support a major attack.

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