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NOTE - Links for specific units can be found on the page dedicated to that unit

Southern California branch of the VHPA

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association

Bullwhip Squadron Organization - Bullwhip Squadron is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring all Vietnam Veterans who served with the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry between 1965-1972, including Troops E and F, LRRP, and Dog Handlers. For further information contact or AL DEFLERON at     The "Membership" section of the BWS website now has a link you can click on to automatically print an "Official Invitation to Join".

The Distinguished Flying Cross Society

A Vietnam Journey : Note - This Site does not support links for the sale of anything but this one has been highly recomended and appears to represent what might be an important experience for the viewer.

'Namtales -Namtales was established in 1996 as a web site where Vietnam Vets can tell their funny or interesting stories about their Vietnam Experience.

Aviation Wings and Badges of WW2 - a virtual collection of aviator badges worn by airmen in WW2.

Help restore a UH34D - We are also restoring a UH34D Marine Helicopter our squadron flew in Vietnam back to flying condition. We are in the need for parts both new and used anyone wants to donate. We are a 501C3 not for profit org. so its tax deductible. We need to raise about $300,000 if we don't get parts donated. Any help getting the word out would be appreciated.

Click here to visit The 101st Airborne LRRP

Click here for information on the VHPA Helicopter History CD

Click here to visit

Click here to visit The Combat Air Museum Send inquiries regarding our display to the attention of Dick Trupp

K Troop - 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment - a site dedicated to K Troop.

In The Shadow of the Blade - a Huey on tour through the U.S. Click here for more information.

The Delta Dragon - A photo album for the Can Tho Army Airfield

Never Forget - Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Army Aviation Heritage Foundation

Lima Site 85 Laos

1st Aviation Brigade Portal

YO-3A "Quiet Star"

Take a break, travel to Doug's Vietnam

National Combat Medical Memorial & Youth Education Center, Inc

Click here to visit Vietnam Hueys - A collection of drawings of Hueys from different units

Click here to listen to "The Man In The Doorway"

Click here for information on using the Virtual Vietnam Archive Maps Search Page

Click here to visit The Sounds of Vietnam

Click here to visit

Click here to visit

Click here to visit

Click here to visit The Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project

Click here to learn more about the Missing Man Toast and Ceremony

Click here to visit the C54 Skycrane Association

Click here to visit the 3-506th teh Stand Alone Battalion

Click here to visit Debbie Schlussel's site

Click here to visit A/5/7 Cav

Click here to visit

Click here to visit Screaming Eagle

1st Cav Vietnam - A look at the 1st Cavalry Division in 1969

Chris Alascio's USMC Page - I built this site for all Marines, or anyone that is interested in the USMC. There is little of everything on this site. All Marines KIA in Vietnam, Beirut, Iraq, Afghanistan war all names are listed

Click here for the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol photos book

Click here for the The Virtual Wall

Click here for Vietnam casualties who earned the DFC

Click here for the 134th AHC

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