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Souvenirs - Clothing

Souvenir "Bush" jacket fasioned by a Vietnamese tailor from a G.I. issue Poncho liner. These were often adorned with assorted patches & embroidered designs and sent home to friends and family

Back view of tailor made "Bush" jacket

Asian made "Tour" jacket

Early souvenir jacket with personalized, hand embroidered insignia, designs & name on left chest

Back of jacket features oversize unit insignia for the 120th AHC "The Deans" and "Crew Chief" title for the owner

Neck Scarf made up for Ranger unit member

Yellow scarf with the universal motto for Air Cav units in S.E.A.

The yellow silk flying scarf was approved for wear by several Air Cavalry units in Vietnam. This example was made for Steve Shepard and personalized with the addition of unit insignia, nickname & call sign
Image courtesy of Steve Shepard

Yellow silk "Flying scarf" for an Aero Rifle Platoon member in A troop, 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry regiment.

1st Cav Souvenir jacket crafted from G.I. Poncho liner and modeled, in country, by a member of H Co., 75th Rangers. H Companies motto - "If you Kill for Pleasure, You're a Sadist...If you Kill for Money, you're a Mercenary....If you Kill for Both, You're a Ranger.

The man in these pictures is Michael Dean Banta, KIA, 02-Oct-1970 on a mission with Hotel Co Rangers of the First Cavalry Division. Mike and I were good friends. He was with me on my first LRRP mission in Vietnam. He was killed right next to me on our last LRRP mission as we were fending off an assault by the bad guys. A genuine hero to his last breath. I was his Team Leader at the time. Mike went along as a favor to me. Michael, you were a courageous soldier, a great and loyal friend, a selfless hero, and very good in the field-good eyes, good ears and very fast reflexes. We saved each other's lives a number of times. I'm sorry that I couldn't be the last one to return the favor, man.
Family or friends pls contact me. Darrel Smith;
Friend, fellow H Co Ranger, Team Leader
7225 184th Dr SE
Snohomish, WA 98290

Click here for more information about Michael Banta

Image courtesy of Bill Brooks

Marines are not widely known for a generous attitude regarding other services, but here's the exception: A Marine 'snake driver' (AH-1W's) from HMLA 267-Marine Base Camp Pendleton, near where I live in SoCal, had one of his unit T-shirts presented to me when his wife had occasion to review my photo album in '96. Separated by almost a generation, it was given in a spirit of 'respect to those who had gone before', I believe. I am honored and humbled by my status as an 'honorary Marine aviator' (Hell, I'm not even a pilot, just an ex-cavalry doggie!) posting it here in a spirit of tribute, and consider that I have accepted it on behalf of all those with related backgrounds, for their enjoyment. Semper Fi, Guys!
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey

VN made scarf for this G Trooper, 2/11th ACR
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey, G Troop, 2/11th ACR.

Distinctive red & white neck scarf was designed to mimec the colors and design of the Cavalry Guidon
Image courtesy of Gunnar Schalin A 3/17

316th "Pink Panthers" Party Suit and Hat
Image courtesy of Joe Stone

Joe White's Party shirt. Joe White writes: "Upon Joining the 114th A.H.C. in mid-1967, I, as with all other new unit members, was introduced to the Catholic Nuns, who ran the girls orphange at the end of the airfield runway. The nuns set great stall at teaching 'houseskills', to include sewing classes. I was measured for and later presented with, the party shirt as shown. The superb renditions of the unit insignia, are less than 1 inch high, and indicate the level of skill that produced handmade insignia all over Vietnam, for the US forces. You will note that the Cobra insignia, has been overlayed with the crossed lances of the Lancer Plt. The 114th was unique in having a 2 guns platoons at that time, this platoon was later disbanded, in October of 1967
Image courtesy of Joe White via John Jones

Souvenir jacket fabricated from a quilted Poncho liner for Tom Gurchinoff while flying as a crew chief with the Smiling Tigers of D/229.
Image courtesy of Tom Gurchinoff

Image courtesy of Earl Williams 121st AHC C/O Milton Lowden

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