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25th Aviation Detachment

The 25 Avn Detachment to the III Field Force Headquarters. They where a VIP unit that flew all the General Officers in III Field Force Headquarters. Their call sign was RED CARPET, they flew off of Top Pad at Plantation in Ben Hoa along Highway 1 near 90th Replacement Center for in/out of country processing. Was CW2 and flew with them from April 69 to April 70. Even though there were AHC units at Plantation and at Ben Hoa everyone call us REMFS. We flew mostly single ship and a few times formations. Our AO was all of III Corps and down to Can To in IV Corps and up to the fringes of II Corps, from the Red China Sea to and including C&C in Cambodia. - David 'Mike' Wilkins
Image courtesy of Charles Waud

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