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101st Assault Helicopter Battalion

Unit patch & calling card for B company - 101st AHB

Cobra weapons platoon patch with 101 call sign "Hawk" added to the standard design

Taken in the morning on July 22 or 23, 1970 when FSB Ripcord was evacuated...waiting...Kingsmen pad...Haunted House.
Image courtesy of Fred Behrens via Randy White 

In early 1970 at the time of this photo, 681 was assigned to C Company 101st Aviation Battalion. She had earlier served with A/158th Avn. Bn. Picture taken on Acid Pad at L Company Ranger.
Image courtesy of Tom Delaney photo via Randy White 

 "Black Widows" C Company 101st Aviation Battalion ship
Image courtesy of Fred Beherns  via Randy White 

Memorial Document
Image courtesy of Mike Sloniker

Looking thru the reflex sight in the front seat of a Cobra. Sight is for the turret weapons.
Image courtesy of Chip Decker

In dive on bridge up north, simulating ARA. Looking thru wingstores sight, back seat of a Cobra.
Image courtesy of Chip Decker

Wo1 Mike Chase helping load the M18E1 wing minnigun pods
Image courtesy of Chip Decker

Lt 'Toasty' Smith loading rockets. Can't remember Toastys real first name but he got the one we remember him with by laying/sleeping on the wing one nice day while waiting for a mission, got sun burned and started to peel all in one hour
Image courtesy of Chip Decker

The two type of high explosive rockets small is 10 lb warhead, large is 17 lb warhead.
Image courtesy of Chip Decker

Kingsmen patch
Image courtesy of Bruce Shearer

CCN patch
Image courtesy of Bruce Shearer

101st Airborne Division Patch
Image courtesy of Bruce Shearer

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