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Uniforms/Insignia - Gear

APH-5 helmet worn by a rather lovely young lady in the Delta region.
Image courtesy of Lowell L. Eneix

Flight helmet bag adorned with patches for flight school and combat units. The practice was not uncommon but few rated so many different units
Image courtesy of Col. Larry G. Brown (ret.)

The other side of Larry Brown's helmet bag is adorned with Scout platoon patches for C troop, 3rd squadron, 17th Cavalry regt
Image courtesy of Col. Larry G. Brown (ret.)

Chicken plate
Image courtesy of Forrest L. Webb

"Forrest L. Webb, 121st AHC, "Soc Trang Tigers" wearing the APH-5 flight helmet. Note the early "Bannana" shaped boom mike.
Image courtesy of Forrest L. Webb

Door Gunner from the 25th Div, 'Shotgun' 90 day TDY programme. Note the use of color insignia on the OG-107 shirt and the early APH-5 helmet - still in white finish. The APH-5 was originally issued in white, the thought being that the color reflected light and ultimately heat. It soon became apparent they could be quite a target and directives came down for them to be painted in Olive Drab.
Image courtesy of John Jones

The one manual nobody wanted to come in handy!

VN-made scarf for G Troop, 2/11th ACR...and the helmet (a '68 Gentex CVC in new condition!) was acquired with the help of the webmaster, to display the original 'smiley face' I wore as an M113 ACAV Cmdr
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey

Lt. Rick Schwab - 'Loaded for Bear' with a survival vest over his 'Chicken Plate' body armor - M-16 in hand and ready!
Image courtesy of Rick Schwab, C 2/17, Condor 47

Rick Schwab, of C troop, 2/17 Cav 'Condors' in the cockpit wearing the SPH-4 protective helmet to which he has attached a small bow of his fiance's bikini strap for luck!
Image courtesy of Rick Schwab, C 2/17, Condor 47

G.I. Wrist watch worn by Gunnar Schalin while flying with A troop, 3/17 Cav.. Note that the body of the watch is actually OD plastic!
Image courtesy of Gunnar Schalin

Ear Plugs were a necessity to protect pilot and aircrew from hearing loss due to motor/transmission noise, gunfire and blaring radio transmissions
Image courtesy of Gunnar Schalin

Escape and evasion compass issued in survival kit. Barely larger then an aspirin tablet, this compass was intended to be swallowed (for later recovery) or hidden on the body or clothing
Image courtesy of Gunnar Schalin

Unique G.I. roller buckle was issued as an escape and evasion aid. The inside "roller" has a threaded end cap that opens to reveal storage for a magnetic needle and piece of thread to suspend it from.
Image courtesy of Gunnar Schalin

Department of Defense survival chart issued in survival kits. The map is large, 2 sided and covers Vietnam and surrounding areas. It was actually printed on a thin layer of plastic so that it could be used in a variety of ways and was not susceptable to moisture damage.
Image courtesy of Gunnar Schalin

Aeronautic chart used by Gunnar Schalin while serving in A troop, 3/17 Cav. The surface of this paper map was finished in a smooth material allowing it to be marked with grease pencil.
Image courtesy of Gunnar Schalin

Rick Schwab's helmet bag featuring fatigue shirt name tag and very well worn C troop, 2/17 Cav "Condor" patch.
Image courtesy of Rick Schwab

Wallet cards for the G.I.'s code of Conduct and rules for MACV personnel as well as a survival kit compass on nylon neckcord worn by Rick Schwab, Condor 47, C troop, 2/17 Cavalry, 101st Airborne division.
Image courtesy of Rick Schwab

G.I. issue "Boonie" hat in ERDL (Experimental research and development labatory) pattern Camouflage. The hat has been heavilymodified by cutting the brim down and fraying the loop band around the crown. It has also been embroidered with rank, wings, Cavalry device & callsign - "Condor 47" for Rick Schwab while flying in the lift platoon for C troop, 2/17 Cavalry - 101st Airborne Division
Image courtesy of Rick Schwab

The Model AFH-1 flight helmet was constructed of anti-Ballistic material. This factor contributed to the security of the wearer but the extra weight was noticable in neck fatigue.
Image courtesy of George McClintock, 1st Aviation Bde.

Detail shows fiberous construction of the ballistic material. It was specially designed to retard penetration of small arms projectiles and shrapnel.
Image courtesy of George McClintock, 1st Aviation Bde.

Chicken plate (Body armor) was heavy, hot and uncomfortable, but saved a lot of lives. These newspaper clippings document an incident experienced by Jim "Moon" Sheetz, A scout platoon Crew Chief with C troop, 16th Cav. Note Jim's Bullet dinged Chickenplate on "display" in his hooch in the upper right hand photo
Image courtesy of Jim "Moon" Sheetz

Operational flying charts with notes and markings as used by Captain Al Demailo white flying with the 229th ASHC - "Smiling Tigers".
Image courtesy of Al Demailo

The Timeless P-38 Ration Can opener was packed with rations in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. This example has never been removed from the package. Note instructions for use printed on the paper wrapper.
Image courtesy of Rick Schwab, Condor 47, C/2/17 Cav.

Original jar of Moustache Wax used by Rick Schwab, Condor 47 C troop, 2/17 Cav. No self respecting Cav Pilot would be caught without it. The Moustache was a very important part of the Cavalry Image.
Image courtesy of Rick Schwab

"Dog tags", as they were known to G.I.s ( virtually since there inception prior to WWI), were designed to aid in the positive identification of a wounded soldier. These were worn by Lift Platoon Pilot Rick Schwab while flying with C/2/17 Cav. The plastic covers (designed to eliminate "rattle") show tooth marks as Rick tended to chew on them on the approach to a hot L.Z.! The small "Smiley Face" sticker was for Good Luck.
Image courtesy of Rick Schwab

Nomex flight gloves showing wear and tear of hours of time on the job.
Image courtesy of Mike O'Neil

Label for the early "Bowling Ball" Helmet bag used with the APH-5 helmet and exterior view of the "Bowling Ball: Helmet bag festooned with "Been There" patches that reflect multiple tours in country.
Image courtesy of Dave Measels

G.I. Mess kit - an ugly but sometimes essential bit of gear.

1963 dated Army Aviator's life vest with pockets on front for various survival accessories. This pattern was typically used by Naval aviators. An Army marked example is quite unusual!

This example of the hot weather field cap was produced in Saigon and features a subdued aviator wing and Major's rank device. Note the rigid front and short profile. These features made them much more appealing then the unsightly issue cap which was very hard to re-shape due to it's highly durable, but unmanageable synthetic construction.
Image courtesy of Lou Barber

U.S. Contract manufactured ballistic "Flak" vest produced for South Vietnamese forces in 1970. Diminutive size is not readily apparent in the photo but the vest appears to be a child size small!
Image courtesy of Lt. Col. Chris Houser, USMC ret.

Canaopy break out knife.
Image courtesy of George Reese

The Complete Soldier - 1971:
He had:
An M 151 jeep, A Cav hat, A captured AK 47 (This one is from Czechoslovakia), A brief case, A basketball, A container of libations (with a coke mixer)

Image courtesy of Judd Clemens

Real live Government issue ballpoint pen as carried in the sleeve pocket of the Nomex flying shirt ehroughout ICCS operations.
Image courtesy of Bill Pecknold

A C-Ration Sundries packet furnished all the comforts of home Smokes, moisture proof matches, salt, Sugar, Toilet Paper, Chiclets, Instant Coffee & Instant Creamer!

One a day malaria tablet
Image courtesy of Brian Harrison

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