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Medal of Honor

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Bruce P. Crandall - 14-Nov-65 Ed W. Freeman - 14-Nov-65
William H. Pitsenbarger - 11-Apr-66 Stephen Wesley Pless - 19-Aug-67
Gerald Orren Young - 9-Nov-67 Patrick Henry Brady - 6-Jan-68
Gary George Wetzel - 8-Jan-68 Frederick Edgar Ferguson - 31-Jan-68
Clyde Everett Lassen - 19-Jun-68 James P. Fleming - 26-Nov-68
Rodney James Tadashi Yano - 1-Jan-69 Garfield McConnell Langhorn - 15-Jan-69
Robert Leslie Poxon - 2-Jun-69 Michael Joseph Novosel - 2-Oct-69
Raymond Michael Clausen Jr. - 31-Jan-70 Jon Edward Swanson - 26-Feb-71
Jon Fitzmaurice - 23-Mar-71 William Edward Adams - 25-May-71

The Congressional Medal of Honor is our nation’s highest award for Valor and the most continuously awarded medal in U.S. History. It was introduced during the Civil War to honor those who distinguished themselves “above and beyond the call of duty.”

253 were awarded for the Vietnam Conflict. The first was presented to Special Forces recipient Roger Donlon in 1964. 17 recipients served as helicopter pilots or crew members. Six gave their lives while performing their heroic act.

It is our belief that every Helicopter Pilot or Crew member who received the Medal of Honor for the Vietnam Conflict is recognized here. Any omission is not intentional. Please contact the webmaster with suggested updates, corrections or additions. Your input is welcome.

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