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F Troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment

Company A, 101st Aviation BN, 101st Airborne was redesignated from an Assault Company to a Provisional Air Cavalry Troop on December 1, 1969,  as F Troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry. Of the 20 UH-1H aircraft of the Assault Helicopter Company, 8 were retained to accomplish the cavalry missions and the remaining 12 were transferred to other units.  In return 8 OH6A aircraft were transferred to the unit as aero scout aircraft and 9 UH1C aircraft were transferred to the unit as gunships. Then on March 10, 1970 the unit redesignated back to a Assault Company of the 101st AVN BN.  During their assignment as F Troop, 2/17th Cav. they retained the Comanchero Call sign and the Comanchero Patch

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Image courtesy of Richard Bittle

Orange Stripe on tail boom was F 2/17 aircraft tactical marking. This carried over with transition from the Co.A 101st Avn. BN
Image courtesy of Stephen R. Stover

Nose Art: This nose art came from the F Troop era of the Comanchero history. They used it during the F Troop days. It was also used later depending on the battalion commanders wishes about nose art in general. The legacy of A/101 AVN is full of color, However, the time period that the Comancheros were F Troop was most certainly one of the more interesting. If you look throughout our history as a unit, it is just another chapter in a unit that went through "whatever" it took to get the job done. They are still the best unit in the Regiment today and set the standards that the other units follow. I am very proud of our men and woman of the Comancheros currently serving our country. I have met several of them and I am very proud to have them protecting our country at this time. - Richard Bittle
Image courtesy of Richard Bittle

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