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158th Assault Helicopter Battalion

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Lancer's 158th co B patch
Image courtesy of Terry & Karie Willman

FOB patch - one of those No Name Mission - Special Forces patches and stands for Forward Observation Base.
Image courtesy of Terry & Karie Willman

Terry Willman in the states before he and 658 went to Nam
Image courtesy of Terry & Karie Willman

In July of 2000, I received the quarterly newsletter that two of my fellow Lancers, David Mussey and Gary Whitty, publish. You may view David Mussey's website at: Lancer Home Page.

Contained in this newsletter was an article from the 101st Airborne Association newsletter. Someone wanted information on the UH-1H S/N 67-17658 which saw service with the B Company 101st Aviation Battalion in Vietnam during 68-69. They wanted any information regarding an accident involving this aircraft at Fire Base Eagles Nest on May 31, 1969. It had been over thirty years since I was in Vietnam, but the number rang a bell. I took out the journal I kept in Vietnam and it was my old helicopter.

I called the gentleman listed in the article and told him I was the crew chief on 658. I then told him about the crash. He said they had a lot of information from the co-pilot and door gunner. He was trying to locate the pilot. I asked him why he wanted all the information; he told me he was with the Firesland Military Museum in Ohio, and they had restored 658. He also said they took it to parades and other functions, and he said it had even been parked at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. To view 658 in its restored condition click on:

Hearing this, it brought tears to my eyes. I was proud to hear that my old friend had suddenly come back to life. I decided then that since I myself knew its history from August of 1968 to May of 1969, I could provide more detail than just the one day that it crashed.

I have always contemplated the thought of writing a book from my journal and the above events are what finally lead me to doing so. Beginning with the original crew: Dan Shea-Pilot, Ed Sakenes-Pilot, Terry Gerke-Door Gunner and myself Terry Willman-Crew Chief.

This is the patch for D CO 158 AHB from a Cobra pilot that was reassigned to me during Lam Son after I had so many wounded and a couple KIA. This pilot was CW4 Ken Webb from Nashville TN and he died about a month after our 2000 Condor reunion at Ft Campbell
Image courtesy of Jim Newman

A Co. 158th patch
Image courtesy of Ken Web via Jim Newman Condor 6

The UH-1H belongs to B Company 158th AVN. BN. Lancers, but no markings on the OH-6. The Huey appears to have battle damage on the rear of the tail boom. Perhaps that's what the guy with his hands in his pockets is looking at.
Image courtesy of Raz Reed via Randy White

Memorial Document
Image courtesy of Mike Sloniker

Memorial tribute for Joel C. Hatley
Image courtesy of Mike Sloniker

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