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163rd Aviation Company

OH-6s from the 163rd Aviation Company at Camp Eagle
Image courtesy of Fred Beherns  via Randy White

This photo was taken by an Army photographer traveling with James and Gloria Stewart when Jimmy came to visit the 101 Abn Div at Camp Eagle in late 1968 or early 1969. It was taken at FSB T-bone. I had the honor of flying Mr. and Mrs. Stewart for three days while they visited the 101st and northern I Corps. I am the aircraft commander standing between the Stewarts and my pilot is Donald Green. To my dismay I can't remember the names of my gunner and crew chief. This was the highlight of my tour with the 163rd Aviation company (GS) and a refreshing change from combat assaults, emergency medi-vacs, LOG missions, LRRP insertions, CCN stuff and other assorted craziness.
Image courtesy of Donald Loomis, (CWO-2 USAR) 163rd Aviation Company

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