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Souvenirs - Sent Home

A neat little Sweetheart item to commemorate service time at Fort Knox. An interesting twist as just a few short years before the emblem could have only been a tank

This is a Laquer painting I got from a Saigon store in 1964
Image courtesy of Frank Zipperer

3-piece incense burner I got in Thua Thien province in '71...rough sand-casting of spent 90mm brass. Was on my parents' fireplace for 25 it's on mine
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey

Temple rubbing, acquired in RVN but probably made in Cambodia or Thailand.
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey

Vietnamese painting on Velvet, from Thua Thien province '71
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey

Two temple reliefs I acquired in Thua Thien province
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey

VN made 'chain' rings, inexpensive jewelry with an ID plate...basically an ID bracelet for the finger.
Image courtesy of Doug Kibbey

Unique, hand made bracelet fabricated from Tortise shell

Typical example of a Vietnamese "Barbie Doll" still in the carton she was mailed home in.
Image courtesy of Bradford J. Roberts

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