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Uniforms/Insignia - Patches

Hand Made American Flag patch worn on flight clothing

MAMASAN HARD AT WORK! This is the way most patches began life in Vietnam. Notice the anxious customer patiently waiting for the final product

AUS Military Forces
Image courtesy of Pat La Roue

Unofficial patch for USMC 3rd Recon Battalion given to Jim Wallace (Black Widow 25, 188th AHB) by a member of the unit after a joint operation.

7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry "Ruthless Riders" pocket patch made in Vietnam and popular for wear on the 2 piece "Nomex" flying suit
Image courtesy of Steve Shepard

Vietnamese made copy of Cobra school graduate patch
Image courtesy of Steve Shepard

Unofficial versions of the 1st Cavalry patch existed in every configuration imaginable! This example was procured in Japan where "souvenir" items flourished for the lucrative R&R trade

Attractive, hand embroidered 1st Aviation Brigade patch is one of many designs available and readily produced by "moma-san" in country".

Images courtesy of Jim Newman - Condor 6

173rd Airborne Infantry Brigade
Image courtesy of Tillman Jeffrey, 335th AHC "The Cowboys", 1967-68

173rd Airborne Brigade
Image courtesy of Tillman Jeffrey, 335th AHC "The Cowboys", 1967-68

1st Aviation Brigrade - subdued for field
Image courtesy of Vern

1st Cavalry Division patch - subdued for field
Image courtesy of Vern

Image courtesy of Forrest L. Webb, 121st AHC

Unusual combination of 1st Aviation brigade patches. The Rigfh shoulder design was unauthorized but presented a much more dignified profile to denote combat service with the unit.
Image courtesy of Forrest L. Webb, 121st AHC

Royal Laotian Air Force Air Rescue Patch
Image courtesy of John W. Cook, USAF

Cobra Jacket patch from 2/20 A.R.A. Pilot

Cobra pocket patch in distinct colors for a Cavalry Aeroweapon platoon

Scout platoon scroll for D troop, 17th Cavalry
Image courtesy of Rich Neely

Special Forces sleeve patch
Image courtesy of Roger Donlon

25th Infantry Division

Pocket patch of 1/9 Cav - D Trp. scouts. The 3d Platoon { blue plt.}
Image courtesy of John Hamm

Image courtesy of Greg Windsor - 240th AHC

This is the early 361st patch. "I was in the 361st Aviation Co. (Escort) "The Pink Panthers" from the beginning in the states. The name change from 361st Aviation Co. (Escort) to 361st Aerial Weapons Company was in November 1971. I was there from April 1968 to May 1969." - Skip Skipper
Image courtesy of Skip Skipper

MACV (Military Assitance Command Vietnam) patch made in the USA but sealed in plastic by Vietnamese seamstress so that it may be fitted with hanger tab for wear suspended off shirt pocket button

This girl was with a band from Texas on USO tour. She collected those patches from each Unit that they played for while touring the country.
Image courtesy of Jim White 119th AHC 1969-70

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