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7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment

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Ruthless Riders
image courtesy of Rich Hefferman

Ruthless Rider End of Tour plaque

1969 Boa Loc Airfield.
Image courtesy of John Jones

The 7/17th Air Cav helicopters went to Vietnam aboard a "baby carrier", the USNS Breton. Some of them were stored on the flight deck covered with a plastic material for protection from the weather. I was fortunate to be picked as one of three maintenance officers to go with the aircraft on the carrier. "A pleasure cruise to Southeast Asia" is the best way to describe this trip.
Image courtesy of Bill C Walton, Former Maintenance Officer, B Troop, 7/17th Air Cav

7/17th Original Cantonement Area- This picture is looking south into Camp Enari, near Pleiku. The 7/17th area is the one closest to the outside fence. B Troop's area is on the left side and if you look close you can see the smoke from the shower made by WO1 Leonard Robbins. It had a two position faucet- Icy cold and scalding Hot, but it was better than nothing. Our helicopters were parked in revetments about 1/2 mile south of the sleeping area. In the the spring of 1968 we moved into wooden barracks closer to the helicopters
Image courtesy of Bill C Walton, Former Maintenance Officer, B Troop, 7/17th Air Cav

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